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2011-06-10 14:49:43 by Maxas

IM BACK!!!!!!
Well kinda not really
Im as back as im gonna be
so yeah

OH MY GOD IM 18 when did this happen.......oh yeah today


2011-02-16 19:52:51 by Maxas

"It Dont Matter My Speak, I Be A Pirate"
Who dont love being a pirate I know I do

this post wasnt supposed to be about pirates it was supposed to be about the annoicment of my comic that should be coming out soon.....................
btw my comic doesnt have to do with pirates................


Havent been here

2011-01-18 13:59:23 by Maxas

I havent been here since last year
(Haha... last year)
So HI!!!!!!!!

Havent been here

Not that anyone will see this

2010-09-21 16:02:26 by Maxas

I got a script that needs voices if anyone wants a part they are open


Jenna and Jeanie

If you want to know more about the characters just PM me..... if you know someone who would be interested please tell them about this thanks

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

2010-08-19 14:50:29 by Maxas

Yes I saw it
Yes I read the graphic novels
Yes I liked the movie
It was stupid funny
With awesome fight seens


2010-08-04 17:35:33 by Maxas

hi not much to talk about other than Sam is over my house...yay?
ya thats all i got to say........ sooooooooooooooooooooooo bye


Cant wait

2010-06-30 12:53:59 by Maxas

Tomorrow The Last Air Bender comes out I CANT WAIT
Im So Excited

Cant wait

E3 2010 Nintendo Confrence

2010-06-15 14:27:05 by Maxas

Hyruleshero42 @
is my brother and the one who took these notes while I watched the Press Conference

- Reggie takes the stage talking about technology. Controls vs. motion controls
- ZELDA Skyward Sword
- Cel Shade meets graphics?
- Miyamoto talks about making the Wiimote and nunchuk the sword and shield
- Miyamoto teleports into Nokia Theatre
- Z target is back
- Must hold sword correctly with Wiimote same with Shield
- Sprint button plus minor wall crawl
- Must rummage through pockets for weaponry
- Bombs(plant, toss, bowl), Slingshot with real aim, Bow (pull back nunchuk with C button to fire), Beetle Weapon (NEW)(can fly it around to do stuff), Indy Jones Whip (NEW)
- Interference*
- Gonna come out next year
- Scorpion Boss, Stalfos with dual swords, some sort of volcano level
- NBA Jam, exclusive for Wii
- New Mario Sports!! Volleyball!! Hockey!! Dodge ball!! Basketball!! MARIO SPORTS MIX (2011)
- Wii Party? Wii Play sequel? Board games? House Party? Casual but not bad. 70 mini games. Out holidays 2010
- Just Dance 2 trailer
- Pussycat Dolls "When I grow up" fits.
- The 1st one is actually tons o fun so this one might be sick.
- Over 40 tracks
- Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for DS. Trailer!!
- Uh oh inter-dimensional rift!
- Looks beautiful on the Dual Screens.
- Out in Holidays
- GOLDENEYE 007 for Wii!!
- Can always use more Wii FPS's.
- Daniel Craig is Bond.
- Classic definition.
- Melees.
- Refined everything.
- Guys gets own on car door.
- I'm pumped.
- Christmas Present!!
- MICKEY MOUSE!! Disney's Epic Mickey.
- Warren Spector is here!! Adam Creighton from Disney.
- Game takes place in Wasteland, land of forgotten toons.
- Venture Land in demo. "Quest Zone"
- Swiss Family Robinson House, Tiki Room.
- Game looks GORGEOUS. Dark, dreary, yet familiar.
- Can be creative or destructive.
- "Play style matters." Good vs. evil.
- "Action Zones" for combat and adventure.
- Movie Screen 2D "Travel Zone" sidescroller, Steamboat Willie cartoon.
- New Kirby Game!!
- Kirby's Epic Yarn.
- Looks adorable.
- Made of yarn.
- Can alter world like a felt board.
- Can shape shift, penguin, car, UFO, mecha Kirby.
- For Wii, this fall.
- It does look good.
- Hardcore yet kiddie.
- I can see this being a guilty pleasure game for the hardcore gamer.
Dragon Quest IX
- Co-op that doesn't end when someone leaves. 140 hours still just getting started. DS comes out July 11th.
Metroid Other M
- August 31st release.
- Mix of sidescroll, FPS, Brawler and TPS.
- Hardcore at its finest.
- Samus is badass. Deal.
- Team Ninja pushes Metroid to new places. See you in August
Donkey Kong Country Returns
- Donkey Kong Country is back!!
- Diddy is here too! Looks fantastic.
- 2D sidescroller.
- Classic DK soundtrack in trailer.
- This holiday season!!
Nintendo 3DS
- 3D TV is still coming says Reggie.
- Plus the glasses are foolish. Pay for those glasses, yuck.
- Big N says there is an easier way. Montage 3D trailer with no Nintendo product....
- Whoops never mind.
- Red smoke erupts from floor as Satoru Iwata shows up and snags the 3DS. Shiny. Full 3D graphics without the need of 3D glasses.
- Makes a Virtual Boy reference.
- D-pad, Analog? 4 face buttons.
- Analog called "slide pad" plus graphic are better?
- Can play movies in 3D. Nice. Warner Brothers, DreamWorks, and Disney flicks.
- 3D camera
- 3DS works differently, hardware uses automatic communication. Wi-Fi with no effort, even when not near a Wi-Fi hub. Downloads by itself.
- No Monthly fee.
Kid Icarus Lives!!
- Pit is back!! Kid Icarus Uprising!
- Looks like a Wii game but is a 3DS game.
- Classic enemies are back as are Medusa and Paulatena.
- Pit is Brawl-esque.
- Has Bow, Miracle of Flight, wolverine claws. HUGE bosses.
More 3DS Games
- Miyamoto working on 3D Nintendogs + Cats? Haha nice
3rd Party Support
- Activision - DJ Hero 3D
- Level 5 - Mask of Miracles?
- Square Enix - Kingdom Hearts
- THQ - Saints Row
- EA Sports - Madden, duh
- Tecmo?
- Capcom - Resident Evil
- WB Games - Batman
- Ubisoft - Assassin's Creed Legacy
- Bandai Namco - Ridge Racer
- Konami - Metal Gear Solid - Crowd goes bonkers
- Video Developer montage of reaction to 3DS - blown away
Reggie is back
- Recaps impressively. "From Zelda to Mario. Kirby to Donkey Kong. Mickey to Dragon Quest. Golden Sun to Golden Eye. And Metroid to Kid Icarus."
- Go to for more stuff
- Awesome 3DS trailer with Mario, DK, Kirby, Zelda, Star Fox and 3rd degree burns.
- Babes with 3DSs in Nokia Theatre. Lots of them. Everyone gets to play with them. I'm Jealous
- WHAT?! Those who don't get to play on a 3DS get to play Zelda!!

E3 2010 Nintendo Confrence

Three New Seasons

2010-06-10 18:47:03 by Maxas

Well i dont care if you care Im doing this for myself
There are three new seasons of Red vs Blue and Im so excited
That makes a total of eight (8) seasons

Three New Seasons

Super Bored and Super Sad

2010-06-04 14:38:05 by Maxas

No one ever go on my page it makes me sad....
So when Im sad I listen to my favorite song of the day
and today's song is Fett's Vette

here are the lyrics so you can follow along
Cruisin' Mos Espa
In my Delorean
War's over
I'm a peacetime mandalorian

My story has stumped
Star Wars historians
Deep in debate,
Buffet plate at Bennigan's

Rhyme renegade
Sure to penetrate
First and second defences
I won't hesitate

Got a job to do
And Darth's the guy that delegates
Got something against Skywalker
Someone he really hates

I don't give a fuck
I'm after Solo
For all I care
He could be hidin' at Yoda's dojo

Gotta make the money
Credit's no good
When the jawas runin' shop
In your neighborhood

Think you can cope
I got a grappling hook
Let's make this quick
'Cause I'm really booked

I'm a devious degenerate
Defender of the devil
Shut down all the trash compactors
On the detention level

My backpack's got jets
Well I'm Boba the Fett
Well I bounty hunt for Jabba Hutt
To finance my 'Vette

wicky wicky woo

Well I chill in deep space
A mask is over my face
Well I deliver the prize
But I still narrow my eyes
'Cause my time
I don't like to waste.

Get down

I'm a question
Wrapped inside an enigma
Get inside the slave one
Find your homing signal

From Endor to Hoth
Ripley to Spock
I'll find what you want
But there's gonna be a cost

See, my name is Boba Fett
I know my shit is tight
Start not actin'right
You're frozen in carbonite

Got telescopic sight
Flame throwers on my wrist
You still don't get the gist
Spiked boots are made to kick

Targets are made to hit
You think I give a shit
Yo mama is a bitch
I see you in the Sarlaac Pit

You just flipped my switch
Integrity been dissed
You scratchin' on my itch
You know I shoot to get

Got bambinas at cantinas
Waitin' to lick my lusty lips
So I'll let you get back inside
Your little space ship

Give you a head start
'Cause I'm the sportin' kind
Consider the starting line
The sneaky smile I hide inside

Hope you have hyper drive (drive)
pray to stay alive ('live)
Don't try to slip me a five
'Cause I never take a bribe

To the beat of a different drummer
Bad ass bounty hunter
Let no man put asunder
Or else they be put under

As in six feet
Got an imperial fleet
Backin' me up, gonna blow up
Any attempt to defeat

They gotta death star
Got four payments on my car
Hand it over to hammer head
At Mos Eisley bar

He used to carjack
Now he's a barback
Just goes to show how you can
Get back on the right track

As for me that's not an option
Can't say that with more clarity
Me going legit would be like
Jar Jar on speech therapy

My backpack's got jets
Well I'm Boba the Fett
Well I bounty hunt for Jabba Hutt
To finance my 'Vette

wicky wicky woo

Well I chill in deep space
A mask is over my face
Well I deliver the prize
But I still narrow my eyes
'Cause my time
I don't like to waste.

Get down

Slice you open like a Taun Taun
Faster than the Autobahn
Or a motorbike in Tron
Do the deed and then I'm gone

Jaba has a hissyfit
Contact Calrissian
Over a colt, the plan unfolds
No politic is legit

Back in the day
When I was a slave
Living life in the fast lane
Like in a pod race

My mean streak tweaked
I became a basket case
So this space ace
Split that place, poste haste

Took up a noble cause
Called the Clone Wars
'Cause life's not all about
Girls and cars

Getting fucked up
In fucked up bars
See, I'm not a retard
Or gay like de Barge

I'm large and in charge
With a face so scarred
A cold black heart
That's been torn apart

The Sith wish that they
Had a dick so hard
'Cause it's long long ago
In a pussy far far

Call me master, 'cause I'm faster
Than Pryor on fire
I no longer have to hot wire

I'm a hunter for hire
With no plans to retire
And all the sucka MCs
Can call me sire

My backpack's got jets! (jets jets jets)

Well I'm Boba the Fett! (the Fett the Fett)

Well I bounty hunt for Jabba Hutt, (Jabba Hutt Jabba Hutt Jabba Hutt)

...To finance my 'Vette (my 'Vette my 'Vette my 'Vette my 'Vette)

Super Bored and Super Sad